At Genesis we believe that every child is unique. Just as no two hand prints are alike’ your Child is born with a unique personality. Each child needs “Love & Respect”. Each child needs to believe in himself’ with the right to form one’s own opinion’ to express one’s desire.Genesis is the world where the child learns the foremost value of love’ respect and truth. The curriculum is molded to encourage the children to develop their creative thinking’ critical reasoning & decision-making skills. Co-curricular activities like music (vocal and instrumental) dance (classical and western)’ chess’ art and craft’ drawing and painting’ and clay molding are part of this curriculum.


Dedicated experienced faculty who are well trained in early childhood education of international standards. Staff will be co-learners with the children because we believe that in teaching we learn and in learning we teach.


Every child is unique and deserves individual attention’ and unconditional acceptance to nurture his/her curiosity and eagerness. To provide educationally appropriate learning for all age groups.Encourage positive character traits and values.


  To engage children in fun filled activities that encourage them to adapt’ solve and think independently.

  To create an environment that enhances the Child’s image’ direction and motivation

  To develop cognitive’ social and physical skills so as to build a strong foundation for their future education and life.


The homely atmosphere and cheerful interiors will make your child feel at ease. It will enable them to adjust instantly and involve themselves in regular activities. Each child will have ample opportunity to work creative section like painting on canvas’ craft’ and music and other recreational activities.


Monthly Parents Open Meet will be conducted.
Punctuality is a Corner stone of Discipline. (School Timing: 1st Term: 9:30a.m to 3:00p.m, 2nd Term: 9:30a.m to 3:30p.m)
Parents can safely drop the child at the entrance of the gate to the concern person who is on duty at the entrance
Parents must ensure that their wards reach the boarding point of the bus at least 5 min in advance. Similar arrangements must be made to receive the child on the return trip.
Parents are allowed to meet the Head mistress with the prior appointment during school hours. Parents can meet the teachers only after school hours.
Students should be in full uniform –
Uniform for Boys –
Play group to II std Shirt and shorts. III STD onwards shirt and pants. Socks and black shoes. Open toe black sandals during the rainy season.
Uniform for girls –
Pinafore and shirt. White Ribbon/ White clip socks and black shoes. Open toe black sandals during the rainy season.
Gold/Fancy ornaments should not be worn
Students with contagious or infectious diseases can attend the classes after treatment.
Monthly Parents open Meet will be conducted
Sick leave to be availed in writing.
Leave note should be noted in the place provided in the School Diary. Long leave should not be availed without valid reasons.
Any change in address of the student should be informed to the school authorities in writing.
Parents are allowed to meet the Headmistress and the teachers with the prior appointment during school hours.
All students must bring the diary to class daily. Parents are expected to check the children’s diary daily.
All children should take part in every co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted in the school.
If the children bring anything that does not belong to them’ please see that it is sent back to school the very next day and handed over to the teacher or ayah as it is the property of someone else or belongs to the school.
Pin up the handkerchief to the child’s dress in a way that is easily accessible.
All public holidays are school holidays.
Fees should be paid personally by the parent or through a responsible person with proper authorization.
Parents are requested to take complaints in writing direct to Headmistress.
Promotion to the higher class will be strictly on the basis of the child’s performance.
A spare dress should be sent to school which will be collected and kept by the class teacher. It should be marked with the child’s name.
Homework given should be done by the child only’ with parental supervision. The homework book should be submitted on the date notified.
Application for transfer certificate must be handed over in person to the headmistress. This must be done before the 31st of March.